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A ductless air conditioner provides customized comfort through a distinct system that’s different from what you’ll find with a more traditional central air conditioner. ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can provide installation, repairs, and maintenance for ductless products so you can make use of this effective cooling system.

ductless ac

Why Switch to Ductless AC?

A ductless air conditioning system can deliver many notable benefits over a traditional ducted installation. As the name suggests, a ductless AC system doesn’t rely on ductwork to deliver air throughout your home. This means that you can eliminate the air loss that’s typically experienced with a central air conditioner. Reduced air loss means better energy efficiency and enhanced comfort.

A ductless system is also ideal for historic homes where you don’t want to mar the architecture with the addition of ductwork. Home additions are well-suited to ductless systems as well. You can cool a converted garage, sunroom, or other space without having to install new ductwork or resize your air conditioner when you choose a ductless system.

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

A ductless mini-split operates in much the same way as a ducted system. Air passes over cooled refrigerant-filled coils, deposits its heat, and blows into your home offering delightfully chilled temperatures. The difference with a ductless system is that air is delivered directly to your home through small wall-mounted units rather than through an extensive system of ductwork.

With a ductless AC system, you have a single outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Each unit is controlled independently, so you can decide not to cool some parts of the house while dialing the temperatures down in others for perfectly customized comfort. This is a great way to divide your home into zones that are managed independently for the best comfort possible.

Ductless AC Services from ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a proud Trane dealer offering a selection of ductless AC systems suited to your needs. If you’re interested in a new installation, we’ll inspect your home to help you determine the best size for the living space. Our experts can walk you through all your choices to make this process as easy as possible.

If you have an existing ductless AC system, we have the services you need to keep it in good condition. Call ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for your annual maintenance visits to prevent downtimes throughout the year and improve energy efficiency. If you need a ductless AC repair, we can assist regardless of the make and model. Give us a call now.

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