Most people spend more of their time indoors, either in their houses or in an office environment. The concentration of air pollutants is higher indoors than in a typical outdoor environment. Here are six ways indoor air quality can positively or negatively impact your business in Apopka, FL.

1. Circulation of Clean Air

Improving the indoor air quality in your office will help eliminate air pollutants at your workplace, allowing for clean air circulation. Air pollutants like dust mites, animals and pet dander, smoke, and pollen, inhibit the circulation of clean and healthy air. High levels of toxic combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide can be lethal when exposed for lengthy periods.

The quality of air circulating in your office has a direct impact on employees, customers, clients, and partners. Clean air helps prevent bad odors, sick building syndrome and irritation of the nose, eyes and throat. It enhances your employees’ comfort and good health

2. Huge Employee Turnover

Poor indoor air quality in your workplace can lead to the loss of employees due to low comfort levels. Such environments are uncomfortable and dangerous to the employees, and they may quit trying to avert the risks involved. The workers may leave to find other jobs where their health and wellness is upheld.

Since it’ll be hard to retain employees, you’ll end up spending more time and energy in the hiring process. Having lost experienced workers, the new employees may take time picking up, and your business may suffer losses. You may also end up settling for less qualified labor

3. Drain Employee Productivity

Exposure to poor indoor air quality for long durations drains your employee’s productivity. Too much carbon dioxide causes fatigue and drowsiness that reduces the working capability of workers.

Intake of Volatile Organic Compounds in the working environment can impair the employee’s memory. It may cause poor communication and makes it hard for the affected employees to concentrate. Therefore you will not utilize the optimum potential of your employees

4. Increased Rate of Absenteeism and Sick Leave

Air pollutants in your working environment are a health hazard to you, your employees and your clients or customers. Unpurified air consists of disease-causing substances and allergens like tobacco smoke that triggers asthma. Radon, a human carcinogen, is among the leading causes of lung cancer

Polluted air carries airborne bacteria like Legionella that causes pneumonia. The affected employees will take sick leave to seek medical attention. The high rate of absenteeism may force you to cancel or rearrange the scheduled projects

5. Balanced Humidity

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and good IAQ includes balancing humidity levels. The extra moisture in high humidity can make your office feel stuffy and maybe a breeding place for bacteria, viruses, and other biological contaminants. Your employees may suffer respiratory infections, and dehydration.

Low humidity is equally unhealthy too, as it causes cold & flu, bloody nose, lung and sinus problems. It increases static electricity and cracks wood furniture’s in your office. Equipping your offices with dehumidifiers and air conditioners may balance humidity in your business environment

6. Eliminate Odors

There are various sources of unpleasant odors in your home, including the presence of biological contaminants. Bad odors can cause anxiety and moods swings making your employees feel irritable and can lead to stress. Eliminating these odors will help lower heart rate, enhance focus and relaxation, thus improving your employee’s performance at work

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