Investing in an HVAC system ensures good indoor air quality in the workplace. When you invest in a new HVAC system, you will need to consider each brand’s manufacturer’s warranty, the system’s type and reliability. Here are some helpful tips when choosing your commercial HVAC system in Apopka, FL.

Pick the Right Size

Getting an HVAC technician to size your system is an important first step. A commercial HVAC system should have an accurate size that will efficiently cool and heat your space without losing energy or overheating. An oversized unit will consume more energy than necessary and increase indoor humidity levels. A small one will not distribute heat or cool all sections of your building.

It’s a good idea to ask a professional HVAC designer to come and perform a calculation load for your building. This gives you the information you need to decide the perfect HVAC size based on your building’s size and design.

Choose Cost-Efficient Options

The cost of your commercial HVAC should include maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Consider the overall cost of fuel and energy bills when shopping for a heating system. A cheaper system may not be as cost-effective as an energy-efficient system considering all the operational costs involved in running the HVAC.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Most energy-efficient HVACs have an ENERGY STAR rating based on standards from the EPA. This program should help you pick a system that consumes energy efficiently. With an ENERGY STAR-rated system, you get lower fuel costs every month.

An efficient system provides comfort for both your customers and employees. You can include additional features such as a thermostat to help regulate temperatures and humidity in your building at any time of day.

Improve Air Quality

The right HVAC system should efficiently filter out dust, microbes, animal fur and other airborne particles. The nature of the building’s utility will determine the type of system to filter out particles and improve airflow.

Low air quality can affect the lungs and noses of your customers and employees. It can be distasteful for those who are there briefly and a health hazard for those who spend long hours in the unclean air. A system that does not have a good rating on air filtration may lose you both workers and customers.

Consider Climate

When you choose a system, consider the extreme weather conditions that are common in your region. An efficient commercial HVAC should withstand extreme temperatures in the winter, summer or both.

Some regions have high humidity levels throughout the year; your HVAC should be able to control indoor humidity levels if you’re located in such an area. The right system will enable you to manage your commercial building’s indoor temperatures all year round, no matter the drastic climatic changes outside.

Look at Trusted Brands

Reputable HVAC manufacturers produce quality, star-rated systems and offer warranties and after-sales services. Purchase a commercial heating system from a well-known brand.

While your old HVAC system may seem reliable, there have been great advancements in efficiency over the past few decades. Smart systems, ductless systems and zoned systems are also possibilities to consider in your search for the right kind of HVAC system. We can advise you on the pros and cons of different system types for your business.

Plan for Upsizing Potential

If you are planning on upsizing your location later, buying a bigger system in preparation may not be a smart choice. Instead, consider a scalable system that will allow you to work efficiently in a smaller space and expand only when the building’s footprint does. We can help you shop for modular system and plan mechanical rooms that will enable you to increase capacity when needed.

Selecting the right HVAC for your business can save you money and improve your indoor air quality. Visit us today at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for our commercial design, installation, HVAC repair and maintenance services.

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