When your AC unit starts to derail in performance, it can be hard to decide whether to call a professional or to buy a new one. Some damages will need a professional, but you may end up spending too much money. Here are some common issues that will determine if you will need to purchase a new AC for your Apopka, FL home.

Frequent Repairs

Repairs are almost inevitable in AC systems, especially as it’s aging. As your system ages, repairs become more expensive and frequent. Purchasing a new AC should be your go-to option instead of spending too much money on repairs.

Old AC System

The average lifetime of an AC system is about 10 to 15 years. After this, you will find yourself dumping money to cater for breakages. Consider saving that cash by getting an upgrade.

Most old ACs have a seasonal energy-efficient rating of fewer than 10 years. Most contemporary AC systems feature a small SEER of 14. They can reach a maximum of 25, making them an energy-efficient option.

Old AC systems use refrigerant that’s outdated and expensive to maintain. The current R-410A is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. That’s another reason why buying a new AC should be something to consider.

Unusual Sounds

You may start hearing squealing, grinding, banging and rattling sounds in your AC. This is a sign that you need a new one. It would help if you talked to an expert right away to try and solve the issue.

Unusual voices may be a sign of a loose belt or a motor bearing out of place, which is a serious issue. The costs of repairing these can be more expensive. Purchasing a new AC will save you from incurring this cost.

High Energy Bills

An air conditioner that has been in use for over 10 years will start developing problems. It won’t be as efficient as before and will result in high energy bills. It’ll help if you replace your aging air conditioner with a modern one.

The new air conditioners feature a 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) at the least. Your energy bills can drop to up to 40% with a more efficient unit.

Inefficient Airflow

Your air conditioner should provide the air quality you want for your home. If you notice that the airflow is poor, consider checking for damaged vents and other things.

You can seek help from a professional, but it’ll cost you more money. Such will call for you getting a new air conditioner.

Decreased Efficiency

If your air conditioner isn’t producing cold air, it might lose its significance. Its inability to cool the air may result from several issues, like broken compressors.

You should consult a professional to fix this for you. It’ll be much cheaper if you have a warranty. If you don’t have one, you should prepare to make a replacement.

A broken thermostat may also be the reason why your air conditioner isn’t producing cold air. You can fix the issue by replacing the thermostat alone rather than purchasing a new air conditioner.


It’s normal to find moisture around your air conditioner. When there’s a leakage, the moisture levels may be high.

Leakage is a serious issue that needs immediate addressing. It can cause issues to your health ad even damage your house when the moisture levels keep increasing.

The leakage can occur due to a blocked drain tube. A broken refrigerant line can also be the cause of this. You will incur huge costs repairing this. Instead, take this as an indicator to buy a new air conditioner.

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