There are several different types of thermostats, so you may face challenges when choosing the appropriate thermostat for your Orlando, FL, home. Manual, programmable and smart thermostats each have distinct characteristics that suit a variety of lifestyles and personal preferences. The best thermostat for you depends on the attributes you desire, such as the price, age of design, ease of use, energy savings, and special features.

Price Tag

Manual, programmable and smart thermostats are available at three different price ranges. Often, manual thermostats are the cheapest option and have limited features, controls, and abilities. Programmable thermostats fall in the price range between manual and smart thermostats, with smart thermostats having the most features and the highest price.

Age of Design

Manual thermostats were available before programmable and smart thermostats, but you can still purchase a new manual thermostat if you currently use or prefer this type. Programmable thermostats were the next type of thermostat to hit the market and offer updated settings compared to manual thermostats. Smart thermostats are the newest and most technologically advanced and come with the most up-to-date features.

Ease of Use

When it comes to how easy these thermostats are to use, manual thermostats have the least number of controls, buttons, features and settings. These thermostats are often the most user-friendly ones. Programmable thermostats are one step up from manual thermostats. You can typically program them to your desired temperature, allowing the thermostat to adjust to that temperature automatically. Smart thermostats come with all of the features of manual and programmable thermostats. They require less attention because they can sense when you are home and optimize the temperature to fit your comfort preferences.

Convenience of Use

When using a manual thermostat, you have to adjust the temperature constantly. This type of thermostat is beneficial if you want to or are able to continuously alter the temperature yourself. Programmable thermostats are able to switch between cold and hot settings depending on the indoor temperature. They’re convenient because you do not have to adjust the temperature. You can set the thermostat to automatically turn off and on while you are out.

Lastly, smart thermostats are convenient because you are able to schedule long-term events, such as vacations. The thermostat can use performance data to adjust the temperature inside your home accordingly.

Energy Savings

Manual thermostats do not offer any energy-saving features. Programmable thermostats can provide between 15% to 30% annual energy bill savings on average since these thermostats will shut off when the temperature in your home is appropriate.

Smart thermostats learn your daily schedule and adjust temperature settings to fit your individualized needs, allowing you to save energy and money over time. Often, these thermostats can track your energy usage so you can visualize and monitor your energy use.

Use With Other Devices

Manual thermostats are not compatible with Wi-Fi or other devices, so you cannot remotely control this type of thermostat. If you do not need these features, then a manual thermostat could work for you. Programmable thermostats cannot communicate with other devices and are not Wi-Fi-enabled, which contributes to the simplicity of this thermostat.

Smart thermostats have the most complex features. One of the most convenient features is its ability to be Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can use your smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device to remotely control this thermostat from anywhere.

Thermostats are essential for keeping your home at the optimal temperature for your comfort. There are many benefits to manual, programmable and smart thermostats, but the thermostat for you is the one that fits within your price range, is convenient to use, saves you energy and connects to your Wi-Fi and mobile devices. Reach out to the trained team at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to identify the optimal thermostat for your Orlando, FL, house and to learn more about all of these types of thermostats.

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