When temperatures are on the rise in Apopka, FL, maximizing your air conditioner’s performance is crucial to staying comfortable. An efficient AC system keeps you cool while cutting your monthly energy costs to a minimum. One surefire way to beat the heat is to take a few simple steps that help improve your air conditioning system’s airflow.

Check Your Air Filters

If your cooling system is experiencing airflow problems, the most likely culprit is a dirty air filter. When they’re working properly, air filters trap airborne particles while allowing air to pass through freely. As they trap more particles, however, they become more restrictive and eventually begin disrupting the airflow.

Replacing a dirty air filter can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 15%. During hot weather, it’s a good idea to check AC filters at least once per month. If they appear dirty or discolored, replace them as soon as possible to ensure optimal airflow.

Remove Obstructions

You can often resolve airflow problems by simply checking the HVAC vents throughout your home. Since these vents are usually designed to be unobtrusive, it’s easy to accidentally block them with furniture or other objects. Even moving an obstruction a few inches out of the way can significantly improve airflow in a particular room.

It’s also worth noting that external objects aren’t the only potential obstructions to keep in mind. Many vents feature their own closing mechanisms designed to help control airflow.

Some homeowners frequently close vents in unoccupied spaces because they think that will improve efficiency and save money. In reality, this can lead to airflow imbalances that compromise the effectiveness of your whole system. It’s always best to keep your vents open, so be sure to check them on occasion.

Clean Your Ductwork

Before it can reach its destination, the cold air your AC produces first has to travel through your home’s ductwork. Unfortunately, that air is often joined by dirt, dust, and a variety of other particulates. When these particulates settle inside your ductwork, they can create large deposits that restrict or disrupt airflow.

If there’s dust building up around your HVAC vents, cleaning them can help more conditioned air reach your living space. Deposits inside your ducts, however, are typically hard to remove without professional tools. The best way to ensure dirty air ducts aren’t dragging down your AC system’s performance is to schedule an occasional air duct cleaning.

Clean Your Condenser Unit

When it comes to your air conditioner condenser unit, dirt and obstructions are once again the main problems. You’ll find your condenser unit outside your house, where it’s responsible for releasing heat from your home into the environment. To do this effectively, it needs a strong, steady flow of air through the unit’s cooling fins.

When the fins become obstructed by things like dirt, lawn clippings and vegetation growth, your system’s airflow and performance will suffer. To prevent this, you can use a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean the exterior of the unit. If your condenser unit is especially dirty, it’s best to have it cleaned by a trained professional.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Annual preventive maintenance is the best tool at your disposal for maximizing air conditioning airflow and performance. If your system hasn’t been receiving regular service visits, it’s never too late to start. Even if you keep up with annual maintenance, a professional tune-up may still be a worthwhile investment.

Trained HVAC technicians have an intimate understanding of all your AC components and how they impact airflow. They can conduct testing to measure air movement throughout your system and quickly diagnose and repair imbalances.

No matter how hot it gets in Apopka, FL, proper airflow can help your air conditioner keep you cool. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your cooling system, contact ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for comprehensive air conditioning services today.

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