When you first hear a troubling noise from your AC system in your Winter Park, FL home, it’s helpful to know if it’s a concerning sound or if it’s a normal one. Read on to learn more about the troublesome AC sounds you might hear and when you should call a professional.

1. Squeaking or Screeching

The most concerning sound you can hear from an air conditioner is a screeching sound. The cause of the problem is probably the unit’s compressor.

Compressors regulate air pressure, and any high-pitched squeaky sounds coming from one could indicate that the air pressure inside is much too high. If you think this is the case, turn off the AC unit immediately and call for a maintenance check. If the pressure in a compressor is too high for too long, the air conditioner could face heavy damage.

Alternatively, a repetitive squeaking sound could indicate a problem with a unit’s fan. In this case, a belt could be loose or the fan’s motor could have damage, and you can quickly fix these things easily with replacement parts. Whichever is the case, though, a technician can discover the issue during a maintenance visit.

2. Rattling

If you hear rattling or banging inside your AC unit, this means a part could be loose or disconnected inside. In many cases, this part is somewhere inside the main motor or blower. When parts come disconnected, they can toss around inside the unit and possibly damage other parts, which is a concern to address right away.

3. Bubbling

Bubbling is another worrisome sound. This can result in a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant can leak due to damage inside an AC system, or it can occur just from age. Lines can weaken, and metal parts can rust around it, creating space for a leaking hole. This type of coolant is dangerous to touch, so never clean a leak yourself and call a professional as soon as possible.

There are several abnormal sounds your AC can make, and they can often be concerning. Call ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for AC repairs today.

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