If you install a zoned HVAC system in your home in Orlando, FL, you’ll notice a big difference immediately because this type of system doesn’t operate like a traditional air conditioning unit. In this guide, you’ll discover the key benefits of owning a zoned system.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Energy management greatly influences energy efficiency. If a cooling system can regulate temperatures in specific spaces instead of an entire home, it achieves a high efficiency, which equals lower monthly energy costs.

A zoned air conditioning system has this capability. It can keep a certain zone cooler without dropping the temperature in other areas in a home. Because an isolated area cools down faster than a large space, a zoned AC system ends its cycles faster, and this leads to big energy savings.

Dependable Hardware

Wear and tear can cause HVAC system breakdowns in the spring and summer. On the hottest days, traditional units work harder to regulate temperatures. Over time, longer cycles strain the hardware.

When a zoned air conditioning system cools a home, it relies on independent thermostats. As a result, the equipment never works extremely hard to manage temperatures in different spaces. This is why a zoned system stays in peak condition longer than a traditional air conditioner.

Convenient Installation

Typically, a technician can set up a zoned air conditioning system in about a day. If a system needs ductwork, the installation phase will be somewhat longer. The big benefit is that you don’t have to renovate in order to install any type of zoned system because the hardware is very compact.

Dual Comfort Solutions

All zoned air conditioning systems have a heat setting and a cool setting, so there is no need to operate multiple systems to stay comfortable. A zoned unit produces hot air using a heat pump. By using a zoned air conditioner every season as your main source of comfort, you can dramatically reduce your maintenance costs.

If you need a zoned air conditioning system for your home in Orlando, FL, contact our team at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today. We offer the latest Trane HVAC products.

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