Even the best commercial refrigeration systems can develop issues. This can happen at the busiest times in a medical facility, restaurant, warehouse, or grocery store. Here are the five most common ways your commercial refrigerator can break down in Orlando, FL.

1. Ice Buildup Inside the Refrigerator

Ice buildup inside your commercial refrigerator might happen when warm air gets into the appliance and condenses on its interior surfaces. Frost or ice buildup inside the appliance’s compartments could indicate several issues like faulty door gaskets, improper air ventilation, or refrigerant leaks. Hire a professional to inspect your refrigerator and repair the underlying issues.

2. Lighting Problems

When your commercial refrigerator lights don’t function, it’s often a small problem. Disconnected lights could be the cause of the lighting issue. You may need to replace the bulb but ensure that the refrigerant manufacturer approves it to avoid burning the electrical sockets.

3. Temperature Problems

A broken compressor, dirty evaporator or condenser coils, poor airflow, or refrigerant leaks could prevent a commercial refrigerant from maintaining proper temperatures. Ensure that you set the correct temperatures and maintain a small distance from the wall before assuming it’s faulty. Call a commercial refrigeration technician to inspect the refrigerant if it doesn’t keep the proper temperature.

4. Unusual or Loud Noises

A compressor failure, misaligned fan motor, and other issues may cause a commercial refrigerant to produce strange loud noises. Avoid postponing a checkup as this is often a warning sign of an underlying problem. Contact an expert technician to check and repair the appliance right away to avoid shutting down your business temporarily.

5. Power Problems

It’s advisable to act fast if your commercial refrigerant fails to power up when the power switch is on. A wiring fault could be the cause of power issues in this appliance. Repair experts have the skills to detect and fix the problem.

You can avoid most of these commercial refrigerant problems with routine maintenance. We provide affordable and top-notch commercial refrigeration services. Call ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance services.

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