During hurricane season, which runs from June through November, you don’t want to worry about your HVAC system. Here are five easy tips on how to prepare your Windermere, FL, home’s HVAC system and protect it from hurricane damage.

1. Keep the Outdoor Unit Safe

HVAC systems have an outdoor unit that’s susceptible to storm damage. Moving it off the ground with hurricane straps or concrete blocks can help. If it’s too heavy to move on your own, use concrete blocks and sandbags to form a protective cage around it.

2. Perform an Inspection

An HVAC inspection is one of the best ways to prepare your system for high winds and abundant rain associated with hurricanes. With HVAC maintenance, you can also keep it in good shape. Schedule a maintenance appointment at the beginning of the season before nasty weather arrives.

3. Shut It Down

Never run your HVAC system during a hurricane. An electrical surge could damage the entire system and prevent it from working later. You also need to disconnect the system from its power source.

4. Use a Cover

Many covers work on outdoor units. While a hurricane cover offers a lot of protection, a tarp often works just as well. In addition to covering the unit, use straps or cables to secure the tarp to protect it against rain and flying debris.

5. Have an Inspection

Once the storm passes, schedule an inspection to check for storm damage. Don’t turn on your HVAC system until you’re sure it will run properly. Using it before a seasoned service tech inspects it can result in electrical issues, like a tripped or damaged circuit breaker.

Don’t let hurricane season keep you from using your home’s HVAC system this year. Call us at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to schedule any necessary AC repairs before a hurricane passes through.

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