Dirty air ducts cause foul odors in your home. These dirty air ducts also reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system and increase the risk of diseases. Let us take a look at the impact of dirty air ducts that could be making you ill in Saint Cloud, FL.

Respiratory Diseases

Leaving the air ducts dirty leads to dust accumulation, allergens and pet dander, among others. These contaminants get blown around the house, exposing you to respiratory diseases. Inhaling the allergens-causing agents will lead to allergies and later cause diseases.

Pest-Related Illnesses

Dirty air ducts will attract pests and rodents to your HVAC system. Pests thrive in an environment where the air is dirty. Rodents and insects will make nests in the dirty ducts.

These pests will later move throughout your home, where everyone in the home will end up breathing in their harmful dander. The pests carry diseases, and their dander is full of harmful allergens that may cause various infections.

Colds and Coughing

Dirty air ducts will lower the quality of air in your home. This will contribute to the circulation of allergens and bacteria, and you will inhale the contaminated air. When living in such an environment, you are likely to experience a runny nose, coughing and constant sneezing. If you suffer from dust-related allergies, such as asthma, you will likely suffer more when living in such an environment.

Sick Building Syndrome

Dirty air ducts may not remove contaminants in the air. Dirty air duct encourages the accumulation of dust, pollen and other pollutants that are, later blown throughout the home. If you get exposed to such an environment, you are likely to deal with a sore throat, chest infection and itchy eyes.

Having dirty air ducts affects the health of family members who may experience fatigue. Dealing with various symptoms caused by breathing contaminated air may lead to fatigue. Contact ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for professional air duct cleaning services.

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