Residents of Winter Park, FL, know that it’s home to some of the most beautiful old homes you’ll ever see. Antique-style dwellings, however, often lack central air conditioning and aren’t very comfortable during the summer months. Here’s how a ductless AC system can work well, even in a 100-year-old home, when installed today.

Easy Installation in Finished Walls

The biggest challenge associated with adding air conditioning to an older home is a lack of preexisting ductwork. That’s a common feature of older homes built before central air conditioning became a must-have feature. Without tearing up existing walls, a ductless AC system offers efficient cooling where you need it most.

Simplified Zoning with a Ductless AC

Older homes aren’t known for their open floor plans. That makes designing cooling zones a challenge using conventional central AC systems. With a ductless AC, each room with an air handler becomes a de-facto cooling zone.

Greater Cooling Efficiency

Many older homes don’t have the same type of insulation that newer models feature, which sometimes results in higher energy bills. Since ductless cooling systems are among the most efficient type of air conditioners on the market, they help contain costs.

Ultra-Quiet Cooling

Older homes often have a charm that today’s cookie-cutter homes lack. But nothing can ruin the uniqueness of a classic home faster than a noisy air conditioner. Ductless AC systems offer ultra-quiet operation and can cool an area without disturbing its tranquility.

The Ductless AC Experts

A ductless AC might be the perfect solution if you own an older home without a reliable cooling system. And there’s no company more equipped to help than ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. Give our veteran service techs a call today and let us help you add the perfect ductless AC system to your home right away!

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