A smart thermostat can save you money on Orlando cooling costs and make your life easier. These devices are more fun and more versatile than old-school programmable thermostats. Read on to learn how investing in a smart thermostat can make your busy lifestyle more convenient.

Energy Efficiency

Connected thermostats automatically reduce your home’s heating and cooling output when you’re not home. You’ll save money with no loss of comfort. Considerable energy savings can be yours if your HVAC stops churning out treated air when no one is home.

Learning thermostats determine your temperature preferences by observing how you interact with the thermostat. They also sense when you’re home and when you leave. After a short acclimation period, they can automatically deliver your preferred indoor temperature, but only when you’re there to enjoy it.

Energy Reports

Monitoring your energy use is as important as monitoring your pocketbook. Smart thermostats generate detailed reports about your energy use and a record of performance fluctuations over time. The information tells you where you’re wasting energy so you can save energy instead.

System Notifications

Regular maintenance and filter changes are essential for keeping energy costs low and system performance high. Connected thermostats will alert you when it’s time to perform maintenance. They will also warn you about threats to your HVAC that require immediate attention to prevent system breakdown and equipment damage.

Remote Control

With smart devices, you can control conditions at home from afar using your phone. If you’re heading home early, you can override your currently programmed temperature settings and instruct your thermostat to turn up the air conditioning immediately. You can also set your thermostat to remain on its current setting for another hour if you’re running late.

Learn more about what smart devices can do for you. Visit ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration online or contact us directly about our HVAC services.

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