Spring has sprung in Lake Mary, FL, and your ductless mini-split AC system is waking up from its long winter slumber. These early days of use are when your system will uncover hidden problems from when the warm season ended last year. Watch for any of these signs that your AC needs servicing.

Uneven Cooling

Each air handler in your home acts as its own unit within your ductless mini-split system. If you notice that one zone in your home tends to be warmer than others, there’s a problem with that zone’s unit. Make sure that the settings for that unit are proper, and if it still underperforms, you need to call for service before it fails completely.

Strange Noises

Your air handlers should run quietly in all conditions, with each using a nearly silent fan to move the air. Sometimes these fans can suffer mechanical failures that will increase the volume or alter the nature of the noise produced by your unit. If you notice such a change in one of your air handlers, you need to have the unit serviced right away.

Unresponsive Controls

Each air handler has its own set of controls, and they should all respond to input either manually or from your remote control. If any air handler fails to respond to your inputs or you notice an error code displayed on the screen, this is more than an inconvenience and represents a problem you need to have addressed by a professional.

Ice Forming

The outside unit is your condenser, and it should be free of debris and visible ice. Ice forming on your condenser is a sign that there is a problem with your system, and the weight of the ice itself can present a physical hazard to your condenser. If you notice any ice at all on your outside unit, you must shut down the system and call for service.

If you observe any issues with your ductless mini-split AC in the Lake Mary, FL area, call us at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to schedule an AC service call. Our expert technicians will come out promptly and get your system working properly in no time.

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