Home automation systems have the potential to lower your utility bills, increase safety and add convenience to your everyday life. Almost every system in your home can be integrated into a home automation setup. Keep these considerations in mind when deciding if your Winter Park home could benefit from automation.

Control Energy Usage

If you’ve noticed your utility costs soaring, an automated home is an ideal way to stop the meteoric rise. According to Smart Grid, you could set your automated heating, cooling and lighting to reduce their energy usage during times of peak demand. This would lower your electricity or natural gas bills. Along with the automation controls, your smart meter would communicate with your utility providers in order to lower your usage and rates at key times. You could save up to 23 percent on your utility costs.

Increase Safety and Convenience

Automated homes offer more convenience. With your remote dashboard or app, you can tell your lights to turn off at bedtime or your air conditioner to prepare for your return home. If you’re not sure whether or not you turned off the coffee maker, a simple check on the app allows you to check. Integrating your home security system with the automation boosts your safety. Raise or lower automated blinds or turn lights on with the dashboard or app.

Equipment Compatibility and Ease of Use

When considering if home automation systems are right for you, think about your ability to adapt to new technology. If you’re comfortable with learning how to use the complex technology of the system, these systems could be a good fit. Also, consider whether or not the equipment in your home is compatible with the automation technology. You might need to replace most or even all of your appliances to get the most benefits from the system.

For more information about how home automation systems could increase your comfort in Central Florida, check out ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration’s services, or call today.

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