AC smells in your Windermere, FL, home are concerning, but a smelly air conditioner doesn’t always equal an expensive repair. Read on to learn more about common air conditioning problems that cause foul odors.

If Your Air Conditioner Smells Damp

You don’t want your home to smell damp. So, quickly getting to the bottom of this problem is a must. One of three problems usually contributes to this odor. The first thing an HVAC service tech checks when responding to a call regarding AC odors is the system’s drain pain. During the cooling process, condensation forms, and the drain pan collects it. If the pan isn’t emptied, biological growth is likely to happen, hence the smell.

Evaporator coils are another part of your air conditioning system where biological growth can accumulate. The coils help to remove heat from your home’s air, and moisture can get left behind. If your service tech discovers biological growth on the evaporator coils, they’ll clean them, and the smell should go away.

Biological contaminants can also grow in your home’s ductwork, which is the perfect environment for it to thrive. Ductwork is dark and sometimes damp. One of the best ways to ensure your air ducts are thoroughly clean is to schedule duct cleaning, but only on an as-needed basis.

If Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Something’s Rotting

It’s unpleasant to consider, but if your AC leaves your house smelling like something rotting, that might be the case. Rodents and birds can get into the air vents and not make it out alive. If you think you have a decomposing animal carcass in your air ducts, call a pest control company to remove the animal. Next, call an HVAC service company for air duct cleaning to remove the odor and make your home smell fresh again.

You don’t have to live with a smelly air conditioner any longer. Get those AC smells under control and contact ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to schedule a service call for air conditioning repairs.

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