During summer, the temperature rises, and with more heat, you may see an increase in dust and humidity in your home. Homeowners need to understand how seasons affect indoor air quality. Below are summer indoor air quality tips for maintaining a healthy home in Winter Park, FL.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Dirty floors contain dust, pollen, and other allergens. When inhaled, dust may pose health risks to you and your family. Moreover, when your AC circulates air, that dust can end up in the system’s filters. Although that’s the purpose of an air filter, too much dust can clog them.

Clogged air filters may cause your system to strain when supplying fresh air to your home. Keeping your floors clean is one way to avoid that, improving indoor air quality and potentially saving you in repair costs.

Maintenance of Filters and Air Ducts

Your filters and air ducts need regular maintenance to work efficiently. A clogged system causes a limited supply of fresh air to your home. Additionally, the dust reduces your AC system’s efficiency and may result in high repair or replacement costs down the road.

You need to maintain your system with regular cleaning periodically. Additionally, maintenance of the system helps protect your family, so they don’t breathe in dirt from the system.

Indoor Plants

Plants act as natural air filters for most toxins by converting them to clean oxygen. Research the benefits of different types such as Peace Lilies, Spider Plants, and English Ivy.

Professional Help

One way of achieving good indoor air quality is by consulting a professional company, such as ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. Our service techs will identify all possible pollutants and come up with solutions to achieve healthier O2 levels. Contact ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today for unbeatable solutions and a five-star customer experience.

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