When it’s time for an air conditioning installation in your Apopka, FL, home, you’ll have many options to consider. The newest air conditioners offer energy-efficient and comfort-enhancing features, such as a variable-speed air handler and compressor. Here are the following financial and comfort benefits of choosing a new variable-speed air conditioner.

More Consistent Cooling

Variable-speed air conditioners have longer cooling cycles. This results in a more consistent temperature throughout your home. By gradually changing your home’s temperature, the system prevents big temperature swings or differences from one room to the next. The longer cycles also help with indoor humidity control. More moisture can be pulled out of your home’s air during a longer cooling cycle. Lower indoor humidity levels help you feel more comfortable, even if you nudge the thermostat one or two degrees higher. The variable-speed air conditioners operate quietly, adding to your comfort level.

Better Indoor Air Quality

A variable-speed air conditioner’s longer cooling cycles also result in better indoor air quality. The system pushes air through the HVAC filter more frequently. This means your home’s air is almost always being filtered. Pollen, dust, pet dander, cooking oils and smoke will all quickly be removed from your home’s air. Because the filter gets more use, you’ll need to replace it monthly.

Better Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, variable-speed air conditioners are at least 15 percent more energy-efficient than single-speed air conditioning systems. This results in lower cooling costs during Apopka’s long, hot and humid summers. The efficiency is due to the longer cooling cycles. Since most of the energy is used to start the system, doing longer but fewer cycles reduces energy consumption. The long cycles also reduce wear and tear on the air conditioner, saving you money on repairs.

To learn more about the benefits of a variable-speed air conditioner, check out ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration’s AC installation services, or call us today for additional details.

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