You probably want to automate your home, but you’ve only heard of automating smart thermostats. This guide will give you ideas on other household equipment that you can automate in your Winter Park, FL, home.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation has been around for a while, and it’s part of “the internet of things” as it allows your home devices and appliances to network and gives you unmatched control of your home’s functions. With home automation, you can program your thermostat, lights and more to come on when you want them to, and you can adjust them from anywhere via an app on your smart device. Home automation offers several benefits, such as improving comfort, providing convenience and saving energy.

Lighting Automation

Smart lighting allows you to dim or turn the lights on or off at your preferred time. Sometimes you can use sensors that turn the lights on when someone enters a room. Lighting automation can work on hallways or staircases, and it can dim the lights when people go to bed and brighten them again at a specific time.

Lighting automation works for the sunrise alarm, which simulates sunrise and brightens the lights in the morning. It also works with geofencing to turn on entry and pathway lights when you’re passing or driving by.

Security Automation

Security automation works in different ways for your Winter Park, FL, home. First, there are automatic door locks that lock when you step out of the house. An app on your smartphone will notify you of any unlocked doors, so you can lock them remotely.

Security automation also notifies you when there are intruders in your house. It uses motion sensors that trip when a suspicious person enters your home, then sends signals to the control panel and the monitoring center.

This automation system also alerts you when there is any water leakage in your house. It works with water sensors that connect to your smart home.

Entertainment Automation

Smart speakers allow you to stream your preferred music to any room from the comfort of your chair. It is also possible to turn on your TV from any place. A smart hub lets you turn off your TV at bedtime, an important action that helps reduce energy bills.

Now that you know some of the things home automation can do to make your life easier and more pleasant, you may be ready to explore the possibilities for your house. If you live in Winter Park, FL, and would like an estimate for installing a home automation system, contact our team of trained professionals at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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