Although your heat pump will produce condensation while running, it should safely drain when operating properly. However, there are multiple reasons why your heating and cooling system may be leaking H20. Consider the risks of your Doctor Phillips, FL, heat pump leaking, and the possible causes.

Structural Damage

Any time you have unintended moisture in your home, there’s a risk of structural damage. If you have a ductless system, this could result in damage to the walls and flooring. With a central system, this could damage flooring and anything stored on the floor around your heat pump.

Excessive Corrosion and Wear

One of the major problems with moisture and heat pumps is that it causes corrosion. When the system leaks water, it exposes certain parts to more moisture than they’re intended to handle. This results in rapid wear and corrosion, causing frequent heat pump repairs and a faster replacement.

Heat Pump Performance Issues

Water leaking from your heat pump can cause performance issues, including short cycling and failure to start. Many central heat pumps have sensors that monitor for too much condensation and shut the system down when they trip.

Causes of Heat Pump Water Leaks

With all these issues that can arise from water leaks, what are the causes? They boil down to too much or uncontrolled condensation.

The primary cause of too much condensation is a system that freezes up and thaws. When this happens, you may have more moisture than the drain can handle. Common causes for freezes include airflow restrictions, insufficient refrigerant, or mechanical issues.

Uncontrolled condensation is the other issue, with two primary causes. The most common is that the condensate drain becomes clogged and needs cleaning. The second is that the drip pan corrodes and develops a hole, requiring a full replacement.

You can prevent many problems associated with a leaking heat pump by catching them dead in their tracks. Call to schedule heat pump maintenance with one of the award-winning experts at ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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