Your indoor air quality (IAQ) has a major impact on your Lake Mary Jane, FL home’s comfort levels. The impact is even higher if one of your family members has respiratory or allergy problems. Ahead are five factors that influence IAQ that you need to know about to increase your home’s coziness.

1. Allergens and Dust

Dust mites are a common problem, especially in areas where humidity levels can get very high. The body parts and feces from the mites can trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Pet dander and pollen are two other types of allergens that are common in indoor air.

2. Tobacco Smoke

If someone in your house smokes cigarettes, this can reduce air quality. Even if they smoke outside, they’ll still bring in smoke on their clothing and hair. This can be especially problematic for anyone in your home who has pre-existing respiratory issues.

3. Poor Ventilation

If you don’t have sufficient ventilation in your home, the air can become stale, and pollutants can accumulate. It can also result in excessive humidity, which helps dust mites flourish.

4. Radon Gas

Radon can enter your home after seeping from the ground. It has no odor, color, or taste. Since this gas can have a negative impact on lung health, it is imperative to have a professional test for it on a regular basis.

5. Household Chemicals

When you clean your home, some of the products that you use contain volatile organic compounds. Some also just have a strong odor, such as bleach, which can linger in your home and reduce the air quality.

Having professional technicians come in and assess your indoor air quality is the best way to determine where your home stands. They will let you know what is in the air and provide solutions to improve your indoor comfort. Call ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today to learn about our high-quality IAQ solutions for your home.

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