The heat of spring and summer in Winter Park, FL, leads to increased air conditioning use. While it’s normal to see a small increase in your monthly utility bills, drastic increases point to trouble. Understanding why your AC system may be using more energy than normal will help you lower your cooling bills.

Worn-Out Parts in the AC System

Your air conditioner’s many hardworking parts will eventually wear out, which makes them less effective and results in decreased efficiency. Other parts may need to compensate, or the air conditioner may need to work overtime to keep the home as cool as desired. With routine AC maintenance service, you can catch worn parts that require a replacement soon before they fully break down.

Filthy and Clogged Air Ducts

When your air ducts are dirty, the air conditioner needs to work longer at each cycle to cool your home. Cleaning the air ducts will have a direct and immediate impact on the air conditioner’s energy consumption and your cooling bill. In addition to lowering cooling bills, cleaning air ducts improves indoor air quality.

Dirty Air Filters

When your air conditioner runs, it blows air through the air filters. The filters capture various particles in the air, so they grow increasingly dirty. Because this filth impedes airflow and causes the AC system to work overtime, the filters require replacement regularly and before they become saturated with filth. Ideally, you should check yours every month and change them as needed.

If your utility bills keep creeping upward and you aren’t sure why, let a professional diagnose what’s going on with your home’s air conditioner. Whatever the underlying issue is, our team can figure out what’s going wrong and get things back in working order. Schedule AC repair service from ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today.

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