There’s no need to worry if you notice that the thermostat in your Lake Mary Jane, FL, home is in recovery mode. This is a common occurrence. Let’s take a look at the different reasons why your thermostat may be in this mode.

You Set It There

You’ll often see your thermostat in recovery mode if you have the system programmed to be at a specific temperature at a specific time each day. Recovery mode happens between one and two hours before the scheduled time for that specific temperature. This is normal, and you shouldn’t worry.

A Problem with the Thermostat

If you have not set your thermostat to reach a certain temperature at a specific time, it can still surprise you by going into recovery mode. This usually happens when the system changes its settings without you realizing it. It’s common with smart thermostats that can automatically adjust their settings to accommodate any patterns they’ve noticed with your heating and cooling system.

Power Surges

Unexpected power surges or glitches can cause your thermostat to reset itself, return to the default settings, or erase your settings, which can appear as recovery mode. In certain situations where you program the thermostat for different temperatures on different days of the week, it could also go into recovery mode.

Malfunctioning HVAC System

Recovery mode appears when the thermostat tries to get the heating and cooling system to reach your desired temperature. If your HVAC system is experiencing problems, the thermostat could display a recovery mode.

The next time you see your thermostat in recovery mode, don’t worry. It’s a normal part of the thermostat’s process. If you do find that you’re having thermostat problems, contact ACR Air Conditioning & Refrigeration for help.

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